Are You a Leader or a Manager? Part 3

Are You a Leader or a Manager? Part 3

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the differences between leaders and managers and today I’d like to talk about the different ways leaders and managers handle “change” and adjusting to circumstances.

Leaders are able to change or alter the direction of the team if they feel that it is a necessary adjustment. They understand that even though goals and objectives are set in front of them, that another group initially created them. As with anything that people make, goals can be changed or improved upon. If a leader discovers something that makes sense and improves upon what is expected of them, they will not hesitate to voice their opinion. Therefore, leaders do have a sense of direction as to where they are heading and what his expected of them, but they are also open enough to change or challenge that direction if they feel it is not the best for the group or the company itself.

On the other hand, managers are very set in their ways. They see the goal from the time they project is started and know what is expected of them as a result. They will not change course or think of alternative methods because they feel that results are what matter, not how they are achieved. Managers do not question standards or rules, regardless of how recently they were made, because they know that they are expected to carry out a certain duty and will see it through. If there are any problems as to where the team is headed, it is up to the manager to change the people involved, not what the expectations themselves are.

Like all other aspects, leadership is handled in two very different manners when it comes to managers and leaders. Leaders are constantly looking to improve on goals and help set new trends within the company and organization. They will challenge anything that they see as distracting and won’t be afraid to offer new suggestions in order to help the business grow. Because of these visions, leaders are focused on getting input from individuals and making the company a better place for everyone that works there.

Managers are focused on getting results and finishing on time. They are not going to waste time questioning what works and what doesn’t, but rather what needs to be done in order to make things work. People who are managers follow what has already been laid out for them as they believe that is the best practice. Since they are determined to meet the status quo, managers have a very different style when it comes to leading a group of people. While things may not change when a person who is a manager is in charge, they will always be able to get the job done on time.

Do you see yourself in the situation I talked about above? If so, please fell free to share your experiences.

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