Todd Durkin reviews “Mind Over Head Chatter”

Todd Durkin read my new book The Psychology of Athletic Success: Mind Over Head Chatter! Here’s what he had to say…..

“Athletes of all ages are always looking for an edge. Youth, high-school, college and pro athletes… heck, even aging fitness enthusiasts are always looking for peak performance. In this extraordinary book on success and athletic performance, best-selling author Greg Justice reveals the methods and stories from some of the top athletes of all-time that includes topics like… belief, attitude, leadership, goal-setting, visualization, breath-work, and positive self-talk of champion athletes.

If you are a coach, athlete, or parent of an athlete and you are looking to create an edge also, do yourself a favor…READ THIS BOOK!”

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS
Owner, Fitness Quest 10
Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour
Author, The IMPACT! Body Plan

Thanks Todd!

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